WORX Landroid L WR147E 20V Robot Lawn Mower Cordless Lawn Mower for Large Gardens up to 1000m² Telf-propelled Tidy lawn cut WIFI

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Product Overview

  • Brand Name: Worx
  • Certification: ce
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Is Smart Device: YES
  • Certification: CE
  • Model Number: WR147E
  • Front Wheel Dia.: 80mm
  • Battery Type: powershare,Li_ION_5S1P
  • Battery Capacity: 2.0Ah
  • APP Control: Yes
  • Cutting Height Positions: 30-60mm
  • Max Cutting Dia.: 200mm
  • Cutting Height Range: 30-60mm
  • Rear Wheel Dia.: 225mm
  • Display Type: Digital screen
  • Optional Function: ACS/VC/DF/4G+GPS
  • Run Time: 1.25h
  • Charging Time: 0.56h

WORX Landroid L WR147E robot lawn mower - battery-powered lawn mower for gardens of up to 1000m² - self-propelled lawn mower for a tidy lawn cut

Freshly mown, lush green meadows without lifting a finger? The Landroid robotic lawnmower from WORX is a hard-working outdoor helper and a must-have for every garden owner. With the integrated Artificial Intelligence technology, the robot gradually imprints itself on its surroundings, including obstacles, and bypasses them. The working times of the garden robot can be programmed thanks to the Smart Auto Scheduling. A brushless motor ensures higher energy efficiency and service life - technology from WORX that makes everyday life easier. - When the lawn sprouts again: The garden robot from WORX with its floating cutting deck and 2 front wheels is suitable for areas up to 1000m² and can even be cleaned with the garden hose - Goes to its limits: The Cut to Edge function saves annoying rework, because the mower also cuts the grass to the very edge of the garden - a clean end result with WORX - The robot lawn mower has a 20V battery which enables efficient lawn care / As part of the PowerShare series, the battery can be exchanged with other WORX device batteries - No more tiresome lawn mowing: connected via WiFi and controlled by app, the robot lawn mower overcomes gradients of up to 35 percent as well as corners and edges effortlessly and quietly / with installation service - Mowing the lawn by itself: Imagine you are back from vacation or from work and your lawn is freshly mowed. And you don't have to do anything except operate an app! - Five additional options for the dream lawnmower: From ultrasonic sensors to theft protection: The Landroid can optionally be equipped with five additional options and is therefore perfectly adaptable to every need. - The latest Landroid with even more innovations: The WORX WR147E is equipped with a floating cutting deck that adapts perfectly to unevenness in the ground. A fourth wheel gives additional stability. - For the first time, this Landroid can be cleaned with a garden hose without being damaged. (Attention! Only applies to the WR147E model. A high-pressure cleaner must not be used!)

The Landroid thinks with you

The WORX robot lawn mower Landroid is equipped with AIA technology, which enables intelligent, agile and fast mowing: zone programming and the boundary wire can even mow narrow or angled areas as well as lawn edges - very easily with just a click of the home button !

Landroid app - Find my Landroid

The Landroid robotic lawn mower has WiFi and can be operated with the free WORX Landroid app. Control the robotic lawnmower from anywhere and use the timer function to ensure a well-tended lawn at any time - whether on vacation or in the office. For more free time instead of gardening!

With GPS & a mobile signal, the Landroid is safe from thieves! No wifi, no problem. Thanks to the integrated SIM card in the Find My Landroid module, the Landroid can be operated in any allotment garden, even without a telephone connection with WLAN.

Cut to Edge

Precision to the edge of the lawn for perfectly mowed lawns: With the Cut to Edge system, subsequent trimming of the lawn edge is a thing of the past. The mower is specially offset to get as close as possible to the edge of the lawn.

Cut to Edge

Precision to the edge of the lawn for perfectly mowed lawns: With the Cut to Edge system, subsequent trimming of the lawn edge is a thing of the past. The mower is specially offset to get as close as possible to the edge of the lawn.

ACS Anti-Collision System

With the intelligent ACS collision avoidance system, obstacles are avoided thanks to ultrasonic sensors!

Off limits

Easily demarcate areas without connecting to a main perimeter wire. With Off Limits, the Landroid simply mows around obstacles.

Radio link

The RadioLink option ensures constant connectivity, no matter where the WLAN router is. Up to one kilometer range.


1x Landroid WR147E with Li-Ion battery 20V / 2000 mAh 1x charging station with power supply 1x boundary wire (150m) 210x pegs 9x knives 8x nails for charging station 2 x cable connectors 2x spacer gauge